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  • Offer Legal Services

    We AL Owais and AL Matrooshi advocate and legal Consulting of Sharjah advance for you to display our legal services to cooperate with you in order to provide the best professional and legal services in terms of legal performance and follow-up before the courts and public prosecutors and the police or any other government entity,

  • Drafting Legal Contracts and Review

    The office drafting legal contracts of all kinds in accordance with the laws of the UAE and what is agreed upon by the parties to the contract.

  • A conservatory measures and executive

    The Office take all A conservatory and executive procedures of provisional attachment and prevented from traveling and the imprisonment of a debtor for your favour, as specified by law of civil procedure to maintain the financial your rights structure until the chapter on the subject of the lawsuit provisions of the final terms of The Office to take all executive procedures affecting and ensure to force the debtor to repay.


    Dispute resolution through arbitration

    Is the arbitration of the widening legal systems to grow as a special legal solving financial disputes of the positive impact that between the commercial and banking business requirements and market international and local transactions from the speed and flexibility in reconciling the conflicting interests, due to our attention so have we paid special attention to this service in accordance with the customary , to represent our clients in disputes pending before the arbitral tribunals and preparation of charter parties, arbitration and legal aspects of providing the necessary defense in that regard and in accordance with high legal and technical methods .


    Appear before the police investigation and public prosecution departments

    The office attendants with you or on your behalf to all police departments and various points of the investigation in the UAE to provide complaints from you or attendance at complaints against you and to give a legal opinion and continue to work with and followed up until the end .


    Legal representation and immediate written pleadings

    The Office is to represent in all proceedings against you, of all types and subjects to all federal and local courts in the UAE in particular, issues arising from the banking disputes and claims arising from all contracts and credit loans and letters of credit and letters of guarantee - and the checks and insurance issues - and - and all criminal cases provided under the Penal Code.


    professional Training staff available at the offices:

    We have lawyers and advisers and delegates at all courts and complt our staff of Administrative Department of Accounting and where those responsible for follow-up and collection and regulation of financial matters in addition to the Department of secretarial and reception where the processing and printing, auditing and follow-up with customers to make things easier and inform our customers the latest news of lawsuits and issues


    Debt Collection

    Depending on the computer system, we collect their dues to third parties, under the direction of friendly claims and official warnings to the debtor and as may be most effective to keep your relations professional with them, without prejudice to the foundations and pillars of the collection is to communicate with the other party after the task of issuing the information and contact them and coordinate scheduling and rescheduling if necessary so they can be later to complete the legal process of raising warnings and lawsuits and follow-up before the courts pending a final judgments which, to be then execution as the basic foundation for all of the above actions


    Legal consulting

    The office Give Legal consulting and opinion orally immediately on telephone as well as edit them in writing within twenty-four hours in all legal matters.